Professional Cartridge Torch
Primus Fuel

Ignition System

High BTU




Adjustable high-output flame Primus Gas cartridge torch , the PT-600E is a newer improved design with a stronger flame, ergonomic shape, durable components, and dependable operation.

One click electronic ignition, safe and convenient. Flame and temperature are adjustable, and the maximum temperature reaches up to 1300°C (2400°F).

This Primus Cartridge torch is an indispensable tool in the workshop, garage and laboratory, and can be used as a culinary torch as well.

The Iroda Pro PT-600E connects with Primus cartridges. (sold separately).

Precision Flame Control (Adjustable Airflow)
Tough Body for Durability
Adjustable Gas Flow Control Valve

Threading fits Primus standard cylinders 

Iroda PT-600E Applications

Cartridge Torch PT-600E is suitable for a variety of applications and industries, such as plumbing, automotive repairs,  brazing and welding. 

Recommended for:
Acceptable for:

Soldering, Camping , BBQ Grill Charcoal Starter, Automotive & Truck Repairs, Weed Killing, Tool & die Shops

Water Resistant Piezo Ignition1

Our automatic ignition systems are crafted with high quality piezo ceramic components molded in plastic and epoxy resin.

Our cartridge torches have benefits such as high durability and high BTU output as well as smooth operation and high tolerance for extreme conditions.

  • Excellent durability
  • High BTU output
  • High heat/humidity resistance
  • Hands Free

    Smart design of the Flame Guard allows for rotation into hands free operation. ​

    Patented rotating hand protection plate combined with anti-flare nozzle allows for safe operation at almost any angle.

    Product information: