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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We recommend triple filtered Butane, easily bought on amazon.

    High quality clean butane will not clog your butane powered tools ensuring proper functionality and a long lasting product. Low quality butane is full of impurities which will eventually ruin and or at the very least clog your torches, lighters , or soldering irons.

    When deciding between brands look for the least ppm (parts per million) of impurities.

    Iroda high quality tips are iron plated, and will last so long as the plating is intact. Keep the tip clean and tinned, and it can last almost forever. Abrasion and mechanical damage are the prime problems after that. Once the plating is breached tips start to die quite quickly.

    Many metals oxidize with the oxygen in the air after a few seconds. This impairs the durability of the soldered joint. Flux exerts a cleaning effect and ensures a perfect soldered joint. The oxidation layer on metals dissolves in the flux and evaporates as soon as the flux has reached boiling point.

    In industry, rosin is a flux used in soldering. The lead-tin solder commonly used in electronics has 1 to 2% rosin by weight as a flux core, helping the molten metal flow and making a better connection by reducing the refractory solid oxide layer formed at the surface back to metal. It is frequently seen as a burnt or clear residue around new soldering.

    Our Iroda Soldering kits come with 60/40 Rosin Solder Core Ø 1.0mm.