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Where to Buy Butane Hand Tools Made by Pro-Iroda

How To Solder - Learn Soldering - Learn Now How To Solder Properly

We want you all to be able to solder the correct way. In this video our expert shows you the correct way to do basic preparation and soldering for electrical wires and components.

Getting the solder joint right is key to a great connection. We hope that you find this video useful.

In the video we use our Iroda Solderpro 110K Butane Kit. This is because for most DIY and general electrical applications, a butane soldering iron gives you the portability, simplicity of operation and toughness that means you can just throw it in your tool bag and its ready wherever and whenever you need to solder.

We have been manufacturing soldering irons for 3 decades. Many of the butane soldering irons from famous brands are manufactured here in Taiwan by us.

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