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Where to Buy Butane Hand Tools Made by Pro-Iroda

The Best Butane Torches for Welding & Soldering

Our High Quality Cordless Butane Torches are easy to Refill & Great for Home Repairs, Culinary & Professional Use

Cordless Butane Torches

Home & Professional Use Butane Torches

Our butane torches are 100% Made in Taiwan with our Iroda 100% tested quality guarantee. We have manufactured these torches for over 30 years and they are used by professionals and home users around the world.

Please check the sections below where we will explain some of the key features of our butane torch range to help you make the right choice for your application.

Safety Certified & Insured

Butane Torch Safety

We have been approved for USA CPSC certification for some of the torch models in our range. These torches feature safety locks that work well to avoid accidental ignition by children.

Our CPSC Certified products are independently tested  by a 3rd party laboratory to make sure they are safe and comply with all of the product safety rules.

If you are using your torch in a home where there are children please choose one of our safety certified models.

Product Liability Insurance

In the USA market, sellers of butane torches are required by law to hold product liability insurance for their products. At Iroda we take our social responsibility seriously, we have purchased this insurance for the US market to comply with local laws.

If you are purchasing a butane torch from any supplier, make sure to verify whether the supplier has product liability insurance or not.

Butane Torch Burn Time

Burn time for butane torches is important if you are planning on longer and more intensive work sessions when refueling mid-project might be inconvenient.

Our long-burn cordless butane torches are especially suitable for outdoor and remote locations where refilling may be inconvenient.

While most butane torches are easy to refuel, it helps to plan your brazing, soldering, and plumbing in order to avoid costly interruptions.

Most of the Iroda butane torches we offer provide burn times that are 30 minutes or longer.

Our Iroda PT210T PRO-Torches fuel tank can hold enough butane to support 180 minutes of soldering.

Pro-Iroda's PT-220V Professional Butane Torch on a table
Using Pro-Iroda's GJ-ONE Professional Butane Torch to caramelize crème brûlée

Push Start Ignition & Air flow Control

Iroda's state of the art Push Start, piezo electric Ignition system makes it easy to light the torch with one hand and is designed to withstand the rigors of daily professional toolkit use.

Our butane torches all feature an air flow control valve. This valve allows Iroda PRO-Torches to be used for a variety of applications requiring different flame lengths and intensities.

Our PRO Torches are suitable for both home and professional use with their adjustable flame geometries.

Precise Flame Control

Our Iroda PRO butane torches feature gas control valves to allow precise flame power adjustment to suit each job.

These torches can produce a soft yellow flame for lower temperature requirements or a powerful blue flame when higher BTU output is needed for welding and brazing.

The flame strength and type can be controlled by the air flow control for a flame length that ranges from 0.59 to 1.6 inches and longer.

Pro-Iroda's CT-630 Professional Butane Torch with high output flame performing heavy duty welding in a factory
Our Best Sellers
Pro-Iroda's PT-500 High-power Professional Butane Torch


Iroda Pro PT-500L provides the most powerful and stable butane flame available for demanding jobs where the highest BTU output is required.

Its precision orifice and controls offer the best there is in a high output butane tool.

Non-Stop 40 minutes use on each filling.
Water resistant piezo electronic ignition system.
Sturdy heavy-duty ribbed aluminum body.
Pro-Iroda's PT-210T Professional Butane Torch


Iroda Pro PT-210T textured rubber pattern grip over the gas tank provides a secure, non-slip grip on your torch.

It provides the safest and most reliable operation of any butane torch of its kind.

Additionally comes with a replaceable soldering tip to carry out different diameter areas.

Non-Stop 180 minutes use on each filling.
Water resistant piezo electronic ignition system.
Textured rubber pattern grip.
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