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Professional Extended Nozzle
Jet Lighter






The MJ-351 Jet Lighter has a runtime of 37 minutes. Flame and temperature are adjustable and its lighter has a maximum temperature of 1300°C (2400°F).

One click electronic piezo ignition, safe and convenient.

The MJ-351 is built with high-quality materials, with its extra extended flame nozzle for reaching grills, fireplaces and firepits.

These materials are specifically chosen to ensure your lighter is leak free and remains dependable when you need it most. 

One Click Piezo Electronic Ignition
Adjustable Gas Flow Control Valve
Patented Safety Lock
Maximum Flame Temperature 1300°C (2400°F)
Iroda MJ-351 Applications

Pro- MJ-351 Butane Jet Lighter is a great little jet lighter which is suitable for a variety of applications, and great for use around the house or start campfires and BBQs.It also used for lighting cigars, capitalizing on the intensity of the flame to light quickly and evenly the large, relatively damp, burning surface of a cigar and many other projects. 

Acceptable for:

PCBs – Radio-controlled – Indoor lighting – Hobby models – Small appliance – Small engine – Repair – Crafts – Audio systems – Electrical – Marine – Jewelry – Automotive

Long Nozzle, Professional Micro Jet Lighter

The body constructed of hi-tech polymers provides a sturdy yet lightweight feel. The high quality internal parts ensure precision operation and long life. The extended nozzle allows you to safely light items from a distance.

Quick Refill

This model like all models in the MICRO JET series is easily refilled with any brand of butane gas.

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