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Where to Buy Butane Hand Tools Made by Pro-Iroda

Butane Jet Lighters

Iroda butane jet lighters are compact, durable and easy to refill.

How to Choose a Butane Jet Lighter?

Our butane jet lighters are 100% made in Taiwan with our Iroda 100% tested quality guarantee. We have manufactured these jet lighters for decades and they are used for outdoor, camping and hobby applications around the world.

Please check the sections below where we will explain some of the key features of our butane jet lighter range to help you make the right choice for your application.

Flame Temperature Control

Iroda professional butane jet lighters provide accurate and well-regulated control over temperature output.

Our range features innovative designs and ergonomic grips with safety features to avoid accidental ignition.

Piezo Electronic Ignition

Our range of professional butane jet lighters are fitted with state-of-the-art piezo electric ignition systems.

These are made for people who value durability and expect good value for money. from their tools.

These professional butane jet lighters operate at up to 1300°C (2400°F) and can run for up to 37 minutes between refills.

Wind Resistance

For outdoor activities a reliable, rugged jet lighter that is always ready when you need it is a vital piece of your kit.

Our jet lighters are windproof, with water resistant ignition systems to ensure they are always ready when you most need them.

Whether you are out camping, working on a hobby or DIY project, or in a survival situation, our butane jet lighters are always ready, no matter the conditions.

Using Pro-Iroda's MJ-351 Precision Butane Jet Lighter to light charcoal
Pro-Iroda's MJ-300CR Precision Butane Jet Lighter with pin point flame can be used to tin and solder electrical wires

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