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Where to Buy Butane Hand Tools Made by Pro-Iroda

Butane Heat Guns

Butane Heat Guns can be used for paint stripping, heat shrink and a range of other DIY tasks.

What’s a Heat Gun Used for?

A heat gun is a bit like a hair dryer. It is designed to blow hot air, however a heat gun blows much hotter air (so although it is a versatile tool, don’t use it for drying your hair)!

Here’s a list of recommended jobs that you can tackle with a heat gun:

Jobs that can be Undertaken with a Hot Air Heat Gun:

Paint Stripping

Shrinking Cables

Pipe Soldering

Gutter Soldering 


Shrink Wrapping

Plastic Shaping

Fit adjustment

Overlap Sheet Welding


Plastic Welding

Flame Cleaning




Using HG-400W Butane Heat Gun from Pro-Iroda to do paint stripping
Using HG-400W Butane Heat Gun from Pro-Iroda to do shrink wrapping

Choose a Model

Pro-Iroda's HG-400W Jumbo Butane Heat Gun

HG-400W / Jumbo

  • PT-600W US 1” Thread Cylinder (CGA600 Valve) Extended Nozzle
  • Automatic Ignition System
  • Patent Rotating Hand Protector


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