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Where to Buy Butane Hand Tools Made by Pro-Iroda

Cordless Soldering Iron

This multi-function cordless portable heat tool can be used almost anywhere and at any time with absolutely no electrical interference.

USB Battery Rechargeable Soldering Iron

Our USB cordless soldering irons have rapid heat up and interchangeable tips for a wide range of applications. A must have tool for your toolbox.

Ideal for quick repairs of circuit boards and electronics, at home, in the car or in the field ready to power on and solder, wherever you are. Fast Heat up time and long battery life.

Burn Time

Burn time for cordless soldering irons is a key factor if you are planning on longer work sessions when refueling mid-project may be inconvenient.

It is perfect for outdoor,small workbench or you need to do soldering on the field and even remote locations where refilling may be inconvenient.

Iroda USB cordless soldering irons provide burn times from 30 to 40 minutes to cover a wide range of applications.

Using Pro-Iroda's PRO-25U Professional USB Powered Soldering Iron on Repairing Circuit Boards
Using Pro-Iroda's PRO-25LP USB Rechargeable Plastic Welding Iron to do Plastic Welding

Fast Heat Up

Our USB cordless soldering irons can be ready for use in as little as 8 seconds.

Because of its instant and accuracy,the fact that it won't ignite materials around the joint being soldered,therefore a USB battery rechargeable soldering iron has more applications than other electronic tools.

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