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Where to Buy Butane Hand Tools Made by Pro-Iroda
Pro iroda Professional Butane Torches are suited for brazing of small projects.


Brazing is a form of soldering used for applications that will be put under heavy stress.

Brazing requires higher temperatures to melt the filler metal, but it provides very strong, non-welded connections. To reach these higher temperatures, brazing is usually done with a hand held torch.

What Makes Brazing Special?

Brazing can be used in the joining of dissimilar base materials including metals, ceramics, glass and others.

Unlike welding, the base material is not melted. 

Using Butane Cartridge Torch to do hot fixing

Temperature is Important

Temperature selection while brazing is important. You want to minimize heat effects on the assembly and minimize interaction between the filler metal and base material.

Pro Iroda torches feature multi-function gas and air control valves to allow precise flame adjustment to suit each job. The fuel you use will also make a difference.

MAP-Pro, Propane or Butane?

Propane and Butane burn at lower temperatures than MA – Pro, and work well for lighter brazing needs.  Propane or Butane torches are the go-to tool for most plumbing applications. 

MA – Pro gives a higher flame temperature, making for quicker jobs and is used for higher stress applications such as air conditioner tubing. 

Whatever the application, Pro Iroda has a cartridge torch to meet the need.

Using Butane Cartridge Torch to do glass melting
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