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Where to Buy Butane Hand Tools Made by Pro-Iroda

Cordless Hot Knife -Craft Knife

Iroda professional soldering torches with hot knife tips can heat up to 842℉ (450 ℃), which makes it quick and easy to cut through tough materials and still achieve straight clean sides.

What is a Hot Knife?

Whether for use in industry, the trades, or on household projects, the applications for the hot knife are extensive.


The super-heated blade can be used to cut through and seal material easily. It can create a seamless edge to such materials as carpets, gaskets, sailcloth, webbings or ropes.

Do it like the Pros

The industrial hot knife is a common choice among automakers who use it to cut door seals, plastic parts, and floor carpets.

Precision hot knife tip on USB powered soldering iron perfect for trimming 3D printed components

Hot Knife Tip 3D Finishing

Perfect for PLA & ABS materials

A soldering iron with an hot knife tip can cut through your 3D printed object and is perfect for removing support structures or other stray material. Most of our butane soldering torches come with variable temperature control for accurate adjustment depending on the materials.

Hot Knife Tip - Nylon & Styrofoam

Nylon Rope Cutting and Soft Foam Cutting

The adjustable temperature control on our Solderpro torches allows you to set the optimum temperature for your material. If you are cutting nylon rope a higher temperature and a finer blade will make quick work of marine nylon rope. A lower temperature will let you cut styrofoam in a controlled way.

Iroda 3D Finishing Tool Range -Butane Powered

Iroda Pro’s range of industrial cordless gas-powered torches are fully portable and lightweight .

The tools heat up in 20 seconds or less and are sturdy, safe and simple to use under most any condition.


Our hand held butane torches are available in kits that come with a variety of replaceable tips such as hot knife, heat gun, hot air, mini torch,etc.. With a multi-function tool you can perform quick and professional 3D finishing jobs on location and a whole lot more.


Iroda Pro USB Soldering Iron - Multi-functional Range

Iroda Pro’s range of USB powered heat tools include soldering, heat blowing , plastic welding & hot knife functionality.


PRO-25LK USB Rechargeable Plastic Welding Iron Kit from Pro-Iroda

The PRO 25L is our most popular model. Cordless and easily charged via standard usb connection, one charge will last 45 min.

Our patented interchangeable cartridge tips provide incredibly fast 8 sec heat up with almost instant heat recovery time.



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