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Pro-Iroda USB Rechargeable Soldering Iron has 30w High Energy Output

USB Rechargeable Plastic Welding Iron



8 Sec
Heat up

Welding on the Go

Cordless - Compact - Portable Iron

Iroda PRO-25LP is a high efficiency multi-function portable plastic welding iron with rechargeable Lithium-Ion-Battery.

Ideal for quick repairs and welding of plastic parts wherever you are. This features easily changeable tips and rapid heat up for efficient operations.

Rapid Heat Up
Ergonomic & Safe
Long Lasting Battery
Led Illumination
Fast Removal Locking Nut
Comes With a Charging Cable and Protective Cap
30w High Energy Density
Iroda PRO-25LP Applications

Interchangeable cartridge tip with fast removal locking nut allows for both stapling and spot welding applications.

Acceptable for:

PCBs – Radio-controlled – Indoor lighting – Hobby models – Small appliance – Repair – Crafts – Audio systems – Electrical – Marine

Not Recommended for:

Wet Surfaces – Underwater

Horizontal Description of PRO-25LP USB Rechargeable Plastic Welding Iron from Pro-Iroda
Description of PRO-25LP USB Rechargeable Plastic Welding Iron from Pro-Iroda
Power & Efficiency

One charge provides 40 minutes continuous usage.

Reaches 270 °C or 518 °F , solder melting point, in 8 seconds. Maximum Heat up to 500 °C / 932 °F​

Fast Heat-up & Recovery Time

Your time is precious. That’s why it’s important to use a USB battery rechargeable welding iron that heats up quickly and has faster thermal recovery.

The PRO-25LP plastic welding iron comes with our patented interchangeable cartridge tips and provides incredibly fast 8 sec heat up with almost instant heat recovery time.

30W High Energy Density

You need a powerful tool that can get the job done when it counts. This tool packs 30 watts of power, letting you get the task done quickly and efficiently.
Fast Tip Change-High Productivity

This model is designed for tool-less tip changes, meaning you can easily disassemble the iron, change the tip and reassemble it all on your own, with minimal hassle.

Hot-Swappable cartridge tip allows you to safely replace tips with your bare hands without waiting for cool down time.

Interchangeable tip with fast removal locking nut allows for a variety of applications.

Ergonomic & Safe

Round, co-molded handle is designed for comfort and excellent grip. Front-Mounted main switch is prominently located on the front of the tool, letting you access it in the most convenient way possible.

Flat Bevel for secure placing on work table. easy way to set it down without the risk of burning something or it rolling away.

Upgrade to the PRO Kit!


Sturdy Light-Weight Case - Easy Storage & Portability

The PRO 25LP plastic welding kit comes with a spot welding tip and a plastic stapling tip.


What's in the Box:
PRO-25LP Plastic Welding Iron
Plastic Staples
Charging Cable
Plastic Stapling Tip
Plastic Spot Welding Tip
Plastic Spot Welding Tip included in Pro-Iroda's USB powered Soldering Iron Kit


Plastic Spot Welding Tip

  • length : 71.5mm
  • Weight : 12g
  • Diameter : Ø22.8mm
Plastic welding Stapling Tip included in Pro-Iroda's USB powered Soldering Iron Kit


Plastic Stapling Tip

  • length : 83.2mm
  • Weight : 26g
  • Diameter : Ø23mm
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