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Where to Buy Butane Hand Tools Made by Pro-Iroda


Pro-Iroda's PT-600A Iwatani Cassette Connection Butane Cartridge Torch

This Butane Cartridge torch is an indispensable tool in the workshop, garage and laboratory, and can be used as a restaurant culinary torch as well.The Iroda Pro PT-600A


Pro-Iroda's PT-305A Standard Butane Cartridge Torch

With its adjustable high-output flame , the PT-305A Butane cartridge torch is designed with a slightly longer nozzle than other Iroda models.Heavy duty construction, high


Pro-Iroda's CT-610KB Professional Butane Torch

Iroda CT-610 PRO-Torch Kit has pinpoint flame nozzle perfect for smaller work areas, ideal for accessing vertical work surfaces also a webbed flame nozzle: for variety of household projects, including small diameter soldering, thawing, melting and a heat application, plus with a swirl Flame Nozzle: provides a hot


Pro-Iroda's CT-635 Max Flame Professional Butane Torch

Iroda PT-635 PRO-Torch has precision flame control and perfect 15° elevation angled nozzle, and offers the best performance in a high output butane tool.This can stand upright for


Pro-Iroda's PT-550CR Child Proof Professional Butane Torch

The PT-550 provides powerful and stable butane flame available for demanding jobs where the high BTU output is required.This torch also has a  hands


Pro-Iroda's PT-510 Premium Professional Butane Torch

Iroda PT-510 provides powerful and stable butane flame output for demanding jobs where variable BTU output is required. It comes with a solid base for hands free use


Pro-Iroda's PT-230CR Jumbo Professional Butane Torch

Iroda Pro PT230 CR is a heavy duty torch equipped with a solid base for hands free work and continuous usage. It features precision flam


Pro-Iroda's PT-210T Professional Butane Torch

Iroda Pro PT-210T textured rubber pattern grip over the gas tank provides a secure, non-slip grip on your torch.Additionally this torch comes


Pro-Iroda's PT-210 Classic Professional Butane Torch

Iroda Pro PT210 comes with a stream lined textured grip over the gas tank which provides a secure, non-slip grip on the torch


Pro-Iroda's PT-200 Rubber Finished Professional Butane Torch

Iroda Pro PT200 with its ergonomic design and soft rubber grip remarkably increased user comfort and balance. It also offers precise flame control for small


Pro-Iroda's GJ-ONE Deluxe Culinary Professional Butane Torch

Pro Iroda GJ-One, this deluxe edition professional culinary torch has a luxury high gloss metallic surface which looks great in your kitchen


Pro-Iroda's CT-630 Heavy Duty Professional Butane Torch

Iroda CT-630 PRO-Torch features a safety trigger type ignition. It also has an adjustable gas flow control valve for the flame. It also features a hands free

Precision Jet Lighter MJ-360

Detailed Description of MJ-360 Micro jet precision handheld lighter from Pro-Iroda

MJ-360 this precision Jet Lighter features a grooved comfortable grip and has a flame which can be precisely controlled for a variety of applications.


Pro-Iroda's PT-220V Professional Butane Torch

The PT-220V is is the standard of the industry for those who need a full featured professional torch with large fuel capacity, immediate ignition, fully adjustable pinpoint flame, and unsurpassed safety features


Pro-Iroda's PT-110 Micro Professional Butane Torch

The PT-110 micro-torch design provides the safest and most reliable operation of any butane torch of its kind.

Micro Jet Lighter

Pro-Iroda's ATAT-2057 Micro butane jet lighter perfect for outdoors and adventures from Pro-Iroda-2057 Instant Heat Micro Jet Lighter

This AT-2057 features built in piezo electronic ignition and features a simple twist flame adjustment. It also has a safety lock, a keychain attachment, and a soft touch material feel which provides a good grip. 


Pro-Iroda's PT-500 High-power Professional Butane Torch

Iroda PT-500​ provides powerful and easily controllable flame output for a range of applications where varying BTU output is required.This torch is suitable for the DIY



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