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Where to Buy Butane Hand Tools Made by Pro-Iroda

Plastic Welding

Using the right equipment and following a few basic steps, nearly all thermoplastic items can be easily welded back to their original strength 

Once you get the hang of it, plastic welding is a procedure that you will use over and over again. 

Professional strong welds can be achieved for major repairs like cracked plastic bumpers on your car, roofing, flooring, tarpaulins, plastic pipes, and plastic tanks, as well as little things like toys, decorations and much more.

Temperature Control

Easy, fingertip control of the Pro Iroda Plastic Welding Iron ensures accurate control of the melting temperature; efficient for welding, yet sensitive enough to prevent overheating which would make for a poor weld.

Hot Staples

Hot staples give added strength to a plastic weld. The Iroda Pro Plastic Welding Kit is a two-in-one kit which comes complete with a Plastic Welding Tip as well as a Plastic Stapling Tip. Staples are included in the kit as well.

Efficient plastic welding of a vacuum cleaner connection with the Pro Iroda 25LP USB Rechargeable Plastic Welding Iron

Iroda Plastic Welding Tool Range - Butane Powered​

Iroda Pro’s range of industrial cordless gas-powered torches are fully portable and lightweight .

The tools heat up in 20 seconds or less and are sturdy, safe and simple to use under most any condition.

Our hand held butane torches are available in kits that come with a variety of replaceable tips such as hot knife, heat gun, hot air, mini torch,etc.. With a multi-function tool you can perform quick and professional plastic welding jobs on location and a whole lot more.

Iroda Pro USB Soldering Iron - Multi-functional Range

Iroda Pro’s range of USB powered heat tools include soldering, heat blowing , plastic welding & hot knife functionality.


PRO-25LK USB Rechargeable Plastic Welding Iron Kit from Pro-Iroda

The PRO 25L is our most popular model. Cordless and easily charged via standard usb connection, one charge will last 45 min.

Our patented interchangeable cartridge tips provide incredibly fast 8 sec heat up with almost instant heat recovery time.

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