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Where to Buy Butane Hand Tools Made by Pro-Iroda


Pro-Iroda's HG-400W Jumbo Butane Heat Gun

The Iroda Pro HG-400W Heat Gun connects with PT-600W US 1” Thread Cylinder (CGA600 Valve) .It is built in a 360 swivel patent rotating hand protector for you to change gas tank


Pro-Iroda's HG-400E Large Butane Heat Gun

The Pro Iroda HG-400E Professional Heat Gun connects with PT-600E EU Type 7/16” Thread. It includes a 360 swivel patented rotating hand


Pro-Iroda's HG-350 Versatile Butane Heat Gun

Iroda HG-350 heat gun comes with a 360 swivel hand protector for you to change gas tank easily and support it in an upright position for hassle-free operation.



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