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Where to Buy Butane Hand Tools Made by Pro-Iroda

Butane Hand Tools.

Your choice for high quality butane hand tools & USB powered rechargeable soldering irons 100% made in Taiwan

Pro Iroda's Butane Hand Tool are all made in Taiwan.

Butane Tools Product Range

Perfect for Industry, Home, DIY & Hobby use.



This multi-function cordless portable butane heat tool has a wide range of tips that make them extremely versatile and they create absolutely no electrical interference.



Quality butane hand tools for both professional service technicians who need welding and brazing capabilities, through to small pocket torches for your outdoor adventures.

Cartridge Torches

Blow Torch Series

Our Cartridge torch range are designed for professionals who need the power and durability to stand up to daily heavy usage. We have available options for MAP Pro gas connectivity as well as butane.



Our butane jet lighters are 100% made in Taiwan with our Iroda 100% tested quality guarantee.

We have manufactured these butane jet lighters for decades and they are used for outdoor, camping and hobby applications around the world.

The Leader In Butane Hand Tool Technology

Iroda Pro Industries

Pro Iroda's Butane Hand Tool are all made in Taiwan.

SPECIAL Butane hand Tools

Our Latest Product Innovations

Heat Guns


Our heavy duty heat guns deliver power and versatility with a range of tips for cable heat shrink, paint stripping and many other applications.


Cordless USB Rechargeable Soldering Iron

Ideal for quick repairs of circuit boards and electronics, at home, in the car or in the field ready to power on and solder, wherever you are. Fast Heat up time and long battery life.


Professional Hot Glue Gun

Iroda TG-600 heavy duty cordless butane hot glue gun is designed for continuous use by service technicians or for your DIY projects. This Glue gun automatically controls temperature and is easily rechargeable with its butane LEC cells. 


USB Powered Soldering Iron

30W USB soldering iron that has rapid heat up and interchangeable tips for a wide range of applications. A must have tool for your toolbox.

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