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Welcome to Pro-Iroda, the leading manufacturer of professional quality cordless butane tools and accessories. This website was designed to showcase the Iroda product line and to provide specific information about our products. Please select a product category from below.

CPSC Recall Announcement [pdf]

  • SOLDERPRO Series - Portable multi-function heat tools compatible with a variety of tips. A number of these tools take advantage of automatic ignition, and two models make use of a refillable LEC™ (Liquid Energy Cell). These tools are available as single tools or in kits, which include tips and other accessories. SOLDERPRO Series
  • PRO-TORCH Series - High output auto-ignition butane powered torches. These tools provide a powerful and stable butane flame in a lightweight, sturdy design. PRO-TORCH Series
  • MICRO-JET Series - Multi-purpose micro-torches/lighters designed for a variety of uses. These compact tools feature a piezo electronic ignition system and are compliant with CPSC Regulations. MICRO-JET Series
  • Hot Air Blowers / Glue Guns - Completely portable LEC™ powered glue guns and butane powered heat guns. These tools use an automatic piezo ignition system and are highly adjustable. THERMOGLUE Series