Butane Cartridge Torches

Pro-Iroda butane cartridge torches  are ideal for plumbing, soldering, and brazing jobs. These are designed for tough, daily use by professionals. 

What is a Butane Cartridge Torch?

A butane cartridge torch is one of the most common types of butane torch. It is a small self-contained unit that consists of a fuel cylinder with the torch head attached directly to the cylinder.

This butane torch head is commonly known as a Cartridge Blow Torch and has the same capabilities as other similar types of torches.

Butane Torches for Demanding Applications

All Iroda butane cartridge torches are professional grade piezo ignition system models with high output, built with durable components for demanding environments.

These are the perfect tools for service technicians with high usage requirements who need reliable heavy duty tools every day. Aside from soldering, they can also be used to light barbecues, defrost pipes, brazing, burning, heating, etc.

Our nozzle design with adjustable airflow and precision flame control offers up to 35% more power than standard butane gas blow torches.

Which Gas is Right For You?


MAP-Pro gas burns the hottest at a temperature of 2055°C (3,730°F).

Because it heats copper faster and to a higher temperature, MAP-Pro gas is a superior alternative to propane for brazing & soldering applications.

MAP-Pro is especially useful for larger workpieces  or where background heating a larger surface area is needed.


Propane does not burn as hot as MAP-Pro gas,  but is one of the most widely used fuels.

Propane works well in adverse conditions, continuing to power your blow torch at high altitudes and on cold-weather excursions. This makes propane an effective fuel for any season and location.

In a torch, it can be used for lighting fires, defrost pipes, burning,soft soldering copper pipes etc…


The least toxic of the three, butane burns the cleanest, and you can safely store it indoors.

It burns at about the same temperature as propane and serves much the same uses.

Butane will not evaporate at lower temperatures so torches won’t work at very cold temperatures.

Choose the Right Connection

A PT-660A
Iwatani Type
Notched Collar Valve Connections

EU Type 7/16” Thread

US 1” Thread Cylinder (CGA600 Valve)

Iroda Pro Cartridge Torch Range

PT-600W / 360 Rotate

  • Professional Cartridge Torch
  • US 1” Thread Cylinder (CGA600 Valve
  • Easy 360 Rotate Flame Guard. Adjustable Gas Flow Control Valve. Powerful Wind-Resistant flame


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