The MJ-950 Ultra-Therm is designed for industrial use where high volume flameless heat is required. Its wide nozzle and high-output long life catalyst provide for infinitely adjustable heat levels in a completely portable tool. Safe to use underhood where vaports may be present. Included deflector attachments makes large heavy-wall shrink tubing a zap to install. Use almost anywhere you would use a corded heat gun but WITHOUT THE EXTENSION CORD!


  • General heating and drying applications
  • Activate adhesives and potting compounds
  • Bend and form plastics and plastic laminates
  • PVC bending
  • Preheat flux
  • Remove windshield caulking
  • Install heat shrinkable and solder-filled terminals
  • Install thin wall, dual wall and adhesive lined heat shrink tubing and sleeves
  • Shrink anti-static film tubes, molded parts and light gauge shrink packaging
  • Stretch vinyl
  • Repair vinyl
  • Thaw frozen locks
  • Heat test electronic components


Instant-On Piezo Ignition. Rapid heat-up for immediate use. Long life catalyst. High output element for demanding applications. No cords - can be used anywhere. Comfortable ergonomic grip. Up to 120 minutes use on each fill. Deflector circulates heat and protects nearby work. Adjustable heat output.
Length 190 mm (7.5 in)
Weight (w/o fuel) 135 g
Approximate temperature 750°C/1400°F
Gas container capacity 38 ml
Operating capacity (one gas filling) 100 minutes at mid setting


Handy tool for Candles, BBQ, Fireplaces, Camping and anywhere a reliable flame is needed.