Liquid Energy Cell™

Pro-Iroda continues its leadership in butane tool technology with the introduction of the Liquid Energy Cell (LEC™). This 21st century innovation in butane power brings the safest, most portable and most reliable patented fuel source for heat tools to the marketplace. Now powering the latest Pro-Iroda tools including Pro-150 and Pro-180 multi-function tools as well as TG-600 and TG-800 glue guns, LEC™ technology provides THE benchmark for the butane power industry.

LEC™ features include:

  • Manufactured to exceed highest and lowest temperature safety standards.
  • Finest quality metered fuel filler and fuel output valves.
  • Internal lifetime butane filter to prevent clogging.
  • Allows use in very low temperatures where most gas tools fail.
  • Refillable using readily available common butane fuel.
  • Available in Disposable (LEC-9/LEC-11) or Refillable (LEC-8/LEC-10) models.
  • Allows air transport of LEC™ model Butane Powered Tools.